Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Kaplan University Partners | Essex University


Kaplan University Partners

Founded in the year 1964, the University of Essex is one of the leading universities located in England, the U.K. same year, 122 students enrolled themselves at the university, which grew up to nearly 1,00,000 during the subsequent 50 years. The university maintains three campuses, namely Colchester Campus, Southend Campus, and Loughton Campus. Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science and Health, and Faculty of Social Sciences are the three faculties at the university that take care of teaching, and academic development. Recipient of gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), the University of Essex is truly dedicated towards the overall development of students.

Amongst the three campuses, the Colchester Campus is the largest and is home to over 15,000 students belonging to nearly 130 nations. Spread across 200 acres, the university offers different accommodation options, apart from maintaining gym and indoor/outdoor courts.

It is now home to over 20 companies and carbon-neutral Essex Business School. Furthermore, the university maintains 30 research centers as well as institutions in various fields.

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in different fields like accountancy, management, biochemistry, sciences, finance, writing, criminology, journalism, human rights, drama, data analytics, and engineering, thereby catering to different requirements of students from all across the globe. Moreover, students are also offered opportunities for pursuing short-term courses in different specialized fields. 

The university offers employment too in various fields, like research, hospitality services, administrative and managerial. It has also partnered with more than 300 institutes across the globe for achieving excellence in the fields of education and research.

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